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I don't have all of the answers, no big surprise, but I'm definitely more level headed then some of these ultra wingers. Join me on the middle ground as I take a look at some of America's issues.

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Is the Presidential Election all about Race?

I heard an interesting and disturbing point of view this morning on Sirius Satellite radio while driving to work. Mr. Alex Bennett, a host on channel 146- Left, agreed with a caller that Sen. Obama had an advantage over Sen. McCain because he's black. Mr. Bennett added that in dealings with Africa, the Middle East, and other Third World countries the United States would be better served with a black president then our 'typical' white president because he/she would look more like the local people. He stated, and I'm paraphrasing as I didn't stop the car and take dictation, that how could a white John McCain understand the position of an African, Middle Easterner, or other resident of the Third World? Mr. Bennett and the caller continued to bash the United States and it's history of white leaders who have brought us to where we are today. I for one happen to enjoy where we are today. Are we a model of a perfect society? Not hardly. Are we free from issues and problems? Nope. But I'll take the opportunities and freedoms that we have in our nation any time over those found in other countries. We've had outstanding leadership in this country in the past and they've been white, black, yellow, tan, male, female, catholic, protestant, Jewish, married, single, old, young, and several other demographics. I don't believe for one second that in order to understand and empathize with and strive to help another person less fortunate one needs to be of a similar demographic. If I used that same logic then we would have segregated sections throughout our society. We would see a business run only by middle-aged, white males. Or perhaps one run by young, long-haired, Hispanics who are wiccans. You can see the lunacy. Yes, Sen. Obama would be our first black president if elected. Yes, Sen. Obama might have a similar complexion to Middle Easterners. But I don't think terrorists, corporations, OPEC, or any other foreigner would stop to alter their plans because America had a black president. I don’t know about you but come November I’m going to focus on what’s inside the person rather than what color their skin is when I cast my vote. I encourage you to do the same.



Personal Responsibility

I interviewed a young man yesterday and we ended up discussing his past law violations. This applicant was in his early thirties, was a full-time firefighter, and shared ownership in a business with some of his co-workers. His biggest problem was that he had a DUI a few years ago. This wouldn’t preclude him from moving up but he was still embarrassed by the incident and he took full responsibility for his dumb actions. He took Personal Responsibility, what a novel concept and a concept that unfortunately has become rather archaic in today’s society. We have become an “it’s not my fault” generation, and it’s only getting worse. We see this from our politicians, our relatives, our teachers, our sports stars. What role models they have all become. Duante Culpepper faced charges of having sex in public on a boat. I would hope that his lawyer would focus on the fact that Mr. Culpepper didn’t do anything wrong, but, no, his lawyer focused on the fact that the district attorney didn’t charge a Caucasian male with similar charges. I guess there’s a law out there that states “if you don’t charge everyone involved then the incident must have never occurred”. Wow, I hope we caught all the Nazis otherwise I guess we can’t charge, try, and convict anyone for war crimes! I also have a relative that was stopped for speeding three times within the first six months of her receiving a driver’s license. Did she take personal responsibility and pay the tickets and maybe rethink her driving practices? Nope, she passed the buck, blamed the officer, and weaseled her way out of each one. To some of you that might seem a triumph. To me that’s just plain pathetic. I know I shock my bosses when I say I messed up or I forgot. Why don’t you join me, they’ll respect you more for it.



I've finally gotten so fed up with the fringe that I decided to vent about it. Why now you ask? Driving home from work tonight I decided to switch my radio from Jack FM to talk radio. And what channel did I choose? Well, my choices were either sports radio, endless diatribe about overpaid brats playing games that my two sons love, or political babble, a radio talk show host bash the conservatives or trash the liberals . What a choice! Whoops, I apologize to the religious groups, I did have the blessed opportunity to listen to religious banter about how society sucks, how my generation is lacking in morals, and how this religion or that one is wrong. I can't believe I didn't jump at that opportunity---imagine the self-sacrifice. Too bad my choices were all double speak b---s--t. It's sickening listening to all of it. So come on, be sick with me, and let's bash back.